Structure and Models

The Real Consultancy Company offers three inclusive end point assessment models to suit your learners and your business.  Our innovative assessment model removes 50% of the administrative costs involved with end point assessment, and our pricing structure takes into account the size of your business and the best approach to assessment for your learners.

Model 1 - Conventional Assessment

Conventional assessment using paper-based and on site face to face assessment wholly delivered in the work place. The full ESFA EPA funding band.



Model 2 - Blended Approach

Blended approach whereby the knowledge assessment will be undertaken online or in a regional test centre and the skills assessment in the workplace. This will be charged at 75% of the current ESFA funding band and will include 1 free resit.



Model 3 - Fully Online

Full online assessment completed in a regional test centre or in the work place. This will be charged at 50% of the current ESFA funding band price and will include 2 free resits.



For more information on cost, to learn what our EPA offering can do for your apprentices or for general enquiries, please get in touch.

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