Covid 19 Flexibilities

The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education introduced End Point Assessment Flexibilities to support the delivery of apprenticeship end-point assessments through Covid-19.

Flexibilities are not about altering the intended End Point Assessment outcomes but about helping ensure that there is fair opportunity to achieve them.

The Real Consultancy Company provides support to all providers and employers to enable them to take advantage of the flexibilities. This includes:

1. Enabling Observation to take place in simulated environments rather than face to face.

2. Remote invigilation and delivery of assessment.

3. Pauses being allowed between assessment methods during end-point assessment period

4. Assessments taking place outside of usual venues.

5. Delivery of assessment methods in any order (when a specified order is in the assessment plan).

At The Real Consultancy Company, we recognise that is not always possible for employers to accommodate the flexibilities. In these circumstances we will continue to retain the original end point assessment delivery methods.