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Who are we?

We are The Real Consultancy Company

We have been supporting businesses throughout the UK and across the Far East since 2011, when our founder, set up The Real Consultancy Company. We were originally a company that worked with employers and governments to develop prototype people solutions.

The Real Consultancy Company has transitioned into a bespoke solutions company and awarding organisation and end point assessment service.

The Real Consultancy Company spotted a gap in the people solutions market whereby businesses were increasingly requiring individuals with a transferrable skill set or the capability to respond to the needs of a post COVID and post Brexit working environment.  

By building a flexible offer including the creation of bespoke solutions, The Real Consultancy Company can provide people across the UK, capable of meeting the requirements of individual businesses.

Our Mission

To provide a wholly accessible, affordable, inclusive, and sustainable people solutions, quality training opportunities and a qualification and end point assessment service that enables individuals and employers to pursue their goals and ambitions.

Our Vision

  • As an Awarding Organisation to inspire employers and individuals to grow through qualification and recognition through the provision of an affordable, inclusive, simple, and sustainable solution.

  • As an End Point Assessment Service provide assessments that meet the needs of both the employer and the apprentice using a combination of technologies to support innovation in on demand assessment.

  • Provide People Solutions that address capacity issues for employers that meet their short- and medium-term needs ensuring value for money and real time performance management.

  • Offer high quality training and qualification solutions that meet the needs of providers, employers, and individuals. The training offer includes regulated and unregulated qualifications, that best support the needs of the employer and the individual.

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