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The Real Consultancy Company is a limited company established in 2011 and whose purpose is to provide market leading solutions to business. 


The Real Consultancy Company provides a portfolio of services. 

Here at The Real Consultancy Company, we work with individuals and employers to deliver outstanding solutions which support individuals, businesses, and the communities they serve.

About Us

We are an awarding organisation and end point assessment organisation. We work alongside employers to create qualifications and assessments that encourage and reward success.


In addition to our awarding organisation and end point assessment service, The Real Consultancy Company provides opportunities for businesses to explore new options in the deployment of people where previous sustainable long-term solutions are no longer fit for purpose.


Nothing is more certain in these uncertain times than ensuring employers have the right people skills at their fingertips and the flexibility to respond quickly in a constantly changing trading environment.


The Real Consultancy Company’s response is to provide a range of purchase service solutions enabling businesses and individuals to operate within a managed risk environment. Our packages on offer are aimed at supporting business growth and individual prosperity. We have developed a solution that utilises and employs the right skills at the right time and in the right place for businesses and individuals to grow and prosper. 

Who do we work with:

We can help you 

manage the unknown

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