For Learners

With the development of the new Standards, The Real Consultancy Company recognised the need for a new, innovative method of assessment to make things easier and more convenient for employers, learners and providers. 

Our Mission is:
To provide a wholly accessible quality, learning and assessment experience that enables individuals to pursue their goals and ambitions.

Our Vision is:

  • Inspire assessment through the provision of an affordable, inclusive, simple and sustainable assessment solution.

  • Provide a digital solution that uses a combination of technologies to support innovation in on demand assessment.

  • Address capacity issues for timely assessment that are unachievable using orthodox processes and provide analytics ensuring value for money and real time performance management.

Our Values are:
 The Real Consultancy Company is committed to:

  • Openness, honesty and trust.

  • Rigorous quality assurance ensuring highest standards and performance.

  • A problem solving culture with a 'can do' attitude that seeks to remove barriers to success.

  • Fulfilling our customers' needs by providing a timely, responsive and transparent service.

  • Delivering excellence, striving for continuous improvement and responding vigorously to change.