About Us

Who are we?

The Real Consultancy Company is a project management company working with employers and organisations in the development of assessment solutions to support talent management and succession planning. Established in 2011 we have worked with employers to offer blended assessment solutions to support workforce planning. Our agile leadership team comprises of individuals with substantial experience and successful track records in the development of bespoke assessment solutions. The Real Consultancy Company continues to work with employers over a sustained period of time to create unique assessment solutions. The introduction of the new apprenticeship standards has led The Real Consultancy Company to extend its offer by becoming an approved assessment organisation able to deliver apprenticeship end point assessments across a wide range of standards.

What do we do?

The Real Consultancy Company provides a fresh approach to end point assessment. We have teamed up with a range of qualified assessors and content writers to provide a variety of models that take account of all learners’ needs. Initially, we developed our expertise in the logistics sector. Following requests The Real Consultancy Company has diversified and now offers a range of standards to meet broader industrial needs. We recognise that employers are looking for a timely, cost effective and a high quality assessment solution to support employees and business performance. Our service is capable of providing employers with a user led solution that ensures, irrespective of location, ability or disability, an equally accessible solution removing the stigma of assessment and the additional obstacles individuals have to overcome to prove capability.