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Complaints Policy

This policy details the actions to be taken by the Apprentice, Employer, Main Provider and TRCC should they feel they have not received the appropriate level of service from TRCC and wish to make a complaint.


It details that action that TRCC will take to get satisfactory resolution relating to the complaint.


TRCC will deal with all complaints fairly and impartially in line with our Equality and Diversity Policy.  All complaints will be responded to within 28 days.




Stage 1


In the event of an Apprentice, Employer or Main Provider making a complaint, they will be directed to email the TRCC Centralised Services Manager with full details of the complaint.  This should be done as soon as possible after the event and within 28 days of the notification of results.


Should the complaint be received more than 28 days after the notification of results, the complaint will be investigated at the discretion of the Lead IQA. 


Upon receipt of the complaint, the Centralised Services Manager will acknowledge receipt and pass the details to the Lead IQA. 


The Lead IQA will request further information or evidence regarding the complaint, if required.


If a decision is made to proceed with an investigation, this will be conducted fully and fairly and a report into TRCC’s finding will be issued within 28 days of receipt of the complaint.


Where a complaint is upheld and TRCC has made an error, this will be rectified, an apology issued, and action will be taken to prevent the cause of the error from happening again.


If the Lead IQA finds that TRCC is not at fault, the complainant will be notified in writing with a full explanation.


Stage 2


If the Apprentice, Employer or Main Provider be unhappy with the outcomes of the complaint, they can appeal.

The Lead IQA will convene a meeting of the Governing Board as soon as possible to further review the complaint.  An Independent Reviewer will review the complaint.


The results of this review will be communicated to the Apprentice, Employer or Main Provider within 7 days of the Governing Board meeting.


The decision of the Governing Board and Independent Reviewer will be final.


Copies of all complaints, investigations, findings and correspondence will be stored within TRCC records.

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